Anonymous asked: Ok, I like this guy, he is sweet, handsome, he trusts me, I trust him, he sends me good morning texts and good night texts, we talk all day until he goes to work and even when he gets off work he texts me. Last night he said he would die if I disappeared and he said he loved texting me and he didn't want to stop. We hang out and everything seems perfect. He is moving in next door, I really have fallen for him and I was wondering if you thought he liked me? Do you think he'll ask me out?
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Anonymous asked: I'm a boy.. And my best friend (well used to be) has a boyfriend. We've been best friends for four years and I've developed feelings that I now know I had always loved her. But I know I can't be with her because she has a boyfriend so I told her we can't be friends anymore because I like her... She had tears coming out her eyes but it had to be done.. She has a idiotic boyfriend who doesn't even trust her.. I still love her.. I've been out with two other girls after liking her. It's not the same
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I posted my answer on to my advice blog! To see what I said, click here.

Okay lovelies, I have some advice.

Just go for it. You like someone? TELL THEM. What are you waiting for? For them to come forward and admit it to you? What if they’re waiting for you to be the one to admit it? Last night, I told the guy I’m personally crushin’ on that I wanted to kiss him, and guess what? He kissed me. It made me realize that it’s not worth it to be on the safe side. Don’t be afraid of rejection! If they don’t feel the same way you do, just think of it as a part of life! You’ll learn from it and be even stronger. If they do, then you’ll be so glad that you risked it. Life is too short and precious to wait around. While reading this, I bet you had someone in your mind, didn’t you? Don’t waste another moment. Just go for it.

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